What a HEART!

Emotions bottled up in silence
Her heart pants at his mere presence
Unexplainable tears in her eyes
Swallowed up by her disguising smiles
Her love is nothing but a sweet torture
Yet she’s still infused with care
Her love she still nutures
Renewing every aching moment
No one sees her pains and hurts
She bears it all for family
To keep the bond of togetherness
Battered and beaten
Her life flashes by
The torture inflicted on her
Yet she lingers on
Eating the meal of torture
Feed to her by the one she loves.
#Stop Women Domestic Violence#




I’ve lost sleep just thinking of you
All my engraved emotions running new
I want to scream from the roof top
Proclaiming this love that won’t stop
I helplessly fall for you
For your encompassing beauty too
For your soothing smile
That makes my moments with you worthwhile
Your charm glows brighter than the sun
Your scent sweeter than daffodils
I trip! I trip! I can’t help but trip
Baby its you
Everything feeling so anew
I helplessly fall for you!


A Friend Like You

Friendship ought to be a sheltering tree
That allows emotions free
Maybe, just maybe
This meant nothing to me
I’ve realized, I was selfish
I never took our moments with relish
Never seized the moments I had with you
Yet, Memories of you very few
Now, I wish I could get it back too
A friend like you
So rare
I never meant to hurt you
Neither not to care
It flashes
All the times you needed someone to talk to
It all ended up in lashes
I never did give you the chance to
I wonder
If ‘sorry’ can soothe your heart
Even though this tears me apart
A friend like you
I wish I treated you better

Grow Old With Me

I never thought this would last
Through the odds that past
This love is all I ever wanted
So you can’t be taken for granted
In this love’s castle
We’ll surpass all Hate’s hurdles
This feeling I’ll cherish forever
And apart we’ll stay never
I want you to grow old with me
Dwelling in my heart where you’ll always be
As time flies by
We’ll watch our lives in retrospect till we die
Sharing our unwavering memories
That writes our love’s stories
Just grow old with me


It hurts

I show it
You ignore it
Endless silent signs
Yet you’re blinded to read the signs
My heart burdened daily
Cos you reciprocate rarely
Yet I still love you
Now and always
Even in this pain I bear!

It hurts to know I mean nothing to you.

Penned Emotions

Daily, Your thoughts stamps in my mind .
Your love I’ll never trade for all the riches the world offers
This emotions never ebbs away
My heart blanketed in this always
I hear it,
The harmonizing rhythm of our heartbeats
My soul finds solace in you
Swathed by the clutches of your love too
I’m left amaze,
By the hypnotizing hold of your gaze
On me.
My heart fails to know how it came to be.
My memories run open
To all the words you had spoken
The times, we exchanged eyes
All the glance we stole at the night sky
Cuddled in the warmth of the cold night
Every bit of me loves you
Your inscrutable smile
It’s so amazing!
How you ensconce your pain
Behind that smile
Of a truth,
For all the reasons why I love you,
A million pages might never be enough


Photo source: Love dignity.


Awakening to the torments of my nightmare
Echoes of dark depressing stories in the air
Endless news of death and bloodshed
Leaves an hurting ache in my head
Tis heartbreaking!

My heart lingers in disquiet
I only lean on the sweet torture that pain offers
All I see is dark depressing doom
A triumph of evil over good
Tis heartbreaking!

The world only stands frozen in this fear
An outpour of her heart in tears
Swathed in an unending Gothic
She struggles in vain
Tis heartbreaking!

I see fear
Lives flashing by
River flowing tears
For this pain I did cry
Tis heartbreaking!


Photo Source:Youtube

Lost in You and Lone

A million years
Flowing tears
Struck by sweet endless memories
All these writes our love stories
Times when we chased the sun
Filled with overwhelming zest and fun
Bitter or sweet
Nothing ever made us cold feet
Like charms of fireflies
Our glow never dies

As time and tide switches
In love, our heart races
All those times
Seems lost and lost
I only find solace in lonesomeness
That our past had cost

Fluttering through the wind
Mesmerizing flowers of various kind
Vividly, I remember, around it you danced
Your pretty fingers did romanced
Enveloped in exuberant emotions
you are an outpour of raring passion
Your memories are nothing but a companion
Lost in you and lone

Time and time again
Your thoughts, My heart daily lingers
This, I’ve never stopped to regain
Thoughts of the caress of your fingers
Alone, my mind reflects
All the times we spent I didn’t regret
It fills my heart
Maybe, tears me apart
I’m lone, lost in Nostalgia


Image source: The mindful company.