To The Boy I Ever Loved

To the boy I ever loved,
our crushing moments may be old
but they are golden and glittering.
They are engraved in the deepest part of my heart in memories.
I’ll forever cherish them like a precious treasure.
The experiences with you was a journey
to this Amazing woman I am now.
I’m sorry I was too selfish that I thought my love was enough to keep us
but I guess it couldn’t even save us or made us stay.
All the sacrifices I made didn’t really change anything.

Some I regret, others I simply let it pass.
I guess It is what it is.
Thank you for breaking my heart countlessly. Honestly, I don’t blame you
because I really did love you.
I only blame time for bringing us together when we were not ready.
Maybe we fell in love at the wrong time.
Maybe if we hadn’t been too fast about everything, it would have been better.
Those moments taught me how best to love myself better and harder.
Those heartbreaks became stepping stones
to a better version of me.
Those heartbreaks built this Amazing person!!! It taught me to be far better and stronger because the journey of love isn’t for the faint-hearted.

I’m sorry you grew cold feet to walk away
even when you knew you no longer felt the same way again.
I wish you did rather than hurting me every time you said ‘I love you. ‘
Bittersweet as they were,
I’m grateful I met you.
Though, I wish I had met you in my present mental and emotional state.
Maybe we wouldn’t have gone through all that pain and heartaches.
Regardless of how it all turned out,
I still love you sincerely.
I hope you find the woman of your dreams and love her better than you ever did with me

P. S – I still love you.

Beyond Poetry

Lines perfectly chiseled
with pen to make a masterpiece.
Beyond the poetry,
What do you see?

Verses that opens
an adventure into the world of creativity
where metaphors, similes and puns
Like passengers are driven by emotions.
Beyond the poetry,
What do you feel?

Stanzas that houses this poet,
pouring out hidden tears in the shape of waterfalls.
It is painted to take your breath away.
Beyond the poetry,
Do you really see me?

Who is a Poet?

He is a lover!
The one you fall in love with
and then you become the words
that fills his pages
As he caresses you with his pen.

He is a soldier!
In life’s battlefield,
He’s armed to the teeth with words.
He fights and shoots ills with his pen.
The weapon that defines him.

Mind as wide as the universe,
Deeper than the sea,
He reads the signs you cannot see
As he tours in the land of imaginations
and births unique creations.

He is an artist
He paints the dreams you envisage
He sketches emotions to life.
Personification, simile pun and more are his tools.

Eyes that sees the depth of your soul,
Ears that listens to your deafening silence,
He erases the gnaws that eats deep into you
and soothes your pains.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
What do you see?
Every time you look in the mirror,
You stare at yourself with horror.
You watch it play out your scars and scabs.
Your imperfections only stare back at you.
“Why don’t I have a sexier body?”
“Fat” is all you see.
“Shapeless” romances your thoughts.
Like an horror movie,
the scenes pierces deep
and stings you with self- hate.
You wish you can undress your body
And wear the one you envisage.
Beyond the horrifying scenes,
beyond what the mirror displays
lies a priceless beauty.
If only you can see it!

The thing about Age

Isn’t age just a number?
Oh! Maybe we don’t remember.
Why does age seem to be a room for
comparison and endless mind war?

Does wisdom really lie
in the bosom of age?
Does age really define
what we write on our life’s page?

“When are we going to wear your Aso-ebi?”
“Tony has Benz. He is just 21.”
“You’re not getting any younger”
These endless voices hunt you
And age becomes a curse.

Running in life’s race,
Does age really define our pace?


When I say I love you what comes to your mind?
Beyond reasons, I’ve come to love you.
Is it how the glow in your eyes
is nothing compared to what the sun basks in?
Is it how your charm leaves the world wowed and asking?
Or how the blend of your melanin
glitters brighter than gold tested in fire?
Or how the echo of your voice
sweeps through me and awakes every desire?
You’re not just a question but an answer my heart has found.
When I say I love you, it’s just everything about you for me.
I do not mean the love wrapped in the bosom
of love letters & everything just to make you smile.
I do not mean the love coated with sugar icings
and toppings just to win you for a while.
I do not mean the love tucked in perfectly
behind a facade that drips with lust.
I do not mean the love that burns
with desperation to have you at all cost.

I do not mean the love that escapes
when life hits hard and things go sour.
It’s a love that will always be there
and against the harsh wind, it will be a cure.
I do not mean the love buried
in insincere promises of heaven on earth.
It’s a love that’s ready to spend now
and forever with you even in death.
I do not mean the love raining with reasons
& reasons that won’t stand the test of time.
When I say I love you, it goes beyond the unquenchable desire
to just make you mine.
My love for you stands endless and timeless
It’s a love with the slogan “forever begins and ends with you.”
My love for you speaks fluency
and understanding even in your silence.
It’s a love that stands unshakeable
and sure because it is true.
My love for you
is one that’ll turn your hell to a safe haven.
It’s a love where you can breathe deeply
a relief that says “This is home!”
My love for you is unconditional
and without reasons that’ll make it end.
My love for you is only for YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!❤️💃


I am a map of scars
running with broken tears and lines.
I am made of beautiful broken pieces!
Pieces, broken by hurts and scabs.
Pieces, shattered by pain and hate.
Like an art,
each piece of my brokenness
formed a picture pattern
that made me a mosaic.
A beautiful masterpiece!!

The Thing about Letting go

Sometimes, we hold on too much
To things, people and emotions.
We hold on just too much
that letting go leave us drowning.

Sometimes, we’re too afraid to lose someone.
We’re stuck with; ‘what if she’s the only one? ‘
If only you know
That sometimes, it’s better to let someone go.

Sometimes, letting go is hard.
So hard that it can drive you mad
And you’re stuck with; ‘what if that’s all I’ve ever had? ‘
‘would letting it go make me sad or glad? ‘

What if in this game of pain and brokenness,
‘To let go’ is the last card
To be free and be who you really want to be
Would you play it or still hold on?

Let go of all the hurts bottled up inside
Purge your soul on all sides
Of yesterday’s piercing memories
Of pain and defeat stories
Let it all go
and you’ll feel better than you can ever know.


Silence is my mother tongue.
I speak in a thousand silent ways
louder than you can think.

I am like a turbulent sea,
Silently sinking inside
Yet I wear a facade.

Silence is a home
Where my pain lives
and my breath, stained with regrets.

There’s so much you might never know
Coz It’s all hidden in the silence that you neglect.

Then came Reasons

Love isn’t always what it seems, is it?
Back at the beginning,
when we exchanged eyes.
We didn’t need reasons to fall in love.
We just did!
At the end came reasons.
Endless reasons that suddenly caged
our emotions in a prison.
Since then, it has been reasons.
Reasons and reasons.

I haven’t seen or talked to you in a long while
Neither felt the magic you glow when you smile
But a part of me just wishes to see you again.
Just maybe, it will ease the weight of this pain
But that wish seems to be nothing but a void
And everything we’ve lost crashes down on me
again and again.
It simply kills me!

How did we become strangers?
How is it that you don’t miss me when I don’t call?
This is not regret!
It is just me lingering on what we shared before the reasons came.
It is just me saying……..
I hope you’re great?
I hope you’ve found that perfect love without reasons.
I hope it is all what ours couldn’t be.